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Golden IPA

5Kg pale malt

4gal water at strike temp 71C. Mash temp 65.8C.  Mash tun set point 66C.  Mash for 1.5h.

Sparge 6gal at 75C

30g Admiral (13.89alpha)

10g Golding last 15mins

10g Golding dry hop in cooled worth.

10g Irish moss

Boil 1.5h, cool 2oC collect 5gal.

Daystar Windsor yeast OG 1042

Ferment @20C, 4 days.

Rack into another fermentation vessel fit an air lock and mature for 2 weeks. Transfer to a barrel and add 100g of white sugar and leave a further week. 

Old Ale Mk III

5.5kg Pale Malt

500g Crystal Malt

200g Carafa Special Dark Malt

4 Gallons water, Strike Temp 74C, Mash temp 65.8, keep at 64 to 66C for 1.5h

Sparge with water at 84C collect 6 gallons

50g Goldings (5.27 alpha)

10g First Gold (9.04 alpha) last 15mins

10g Irish Moss last 15mins

Boil for 1.5h.

Cool to 25C and Collect 5 gallons.

OG 1050

Added Gervin English ale yeast

Ferment at 18-20C